The Client & Business Challenge

Our client was a leading manufacturer of cloud-connectable medical devices for the treatment of sleep apnea and respiratory conditions. They had previously acquired a company offering smart inhaler solutions leveraging medication and adherence tracking technology.  This technology was designed to address unmet needs for both patients and healthcare professionals in the management of respiratory disease.

IDR Medical was commissioned to explore unmet needs regarding medication management issues, and assess the opportunity for the technology in Europe.

Outputs of the research were used to inform the design of future smart inhaler and digital solutions, provide a deeper understanding of the workflows and market to help drive adoption and define a value proposition for the portfolio that resonated with key customer stakeholders.


Our Approach

The project was structured over 3 work-streams.

The study commenced with a kick off meeting and a series of interviews with personnel involved in product management, research and development, marketing, and commercialisation of the technology.  The objective was to bring our project team up to speed on the existing technology, commercial success to date, and ongoing research and development initiatives driving next generation solutions.  IDR Medical then worked with the client team to design the optimal methodology and develop the necessary research materials to address the objectives of the project.

In line with the agreed approach, IDR Medical conducted 100 qualitative interviews with key customers stakeholders across Europe. The sample included KOLs, hospital and office Pulmonologists as well as specific patient populations with late stage respiratory disease.

Discussion guides and research materials were structured to:

-Validate the patient journey in each country

-Explore / prioritise pain point and challenges experienced by the various respondent groups along the way

-Measure awareness and response to the technology in scope

-Understand the benefits of the solution that were driving value

-Explore the drivers and barriers to adoption of the technology as standard of care

An initial phase of pilot interviews were conducted with each respondent group to ensure the research materials were optimised.  The client was able to view these interviews, via web conference as anonymous observers.


The Results & Impact

IDR Medical analysed the data from the interviews and consolidated findings into a detailed project report and management summary, providing actionable recommendations that addressed the objectives of the research.

Recommendations focused on the commercialisation strategy and positioning of the existing portfolio, the identification of steps in the patient journey where our client could intervene to drive adoption of the technology, and a prioritised list of challenges and pain points that future solutions could solve.  Outputs were used to facilitate decision making regarding the commercialisation strategy for the technology in Europe, drive research and development priorities going forward and refine the value proposition for the portfolio.