The Client & Business Challenge:

Our client was the patient monitoring business of a leading healthcare technology manufacturer.  They commissioned IDR Medical to explore unmet needs that would drive research and development priorities for their consumables business in the medium to long term.

The primary objectives of the study were to map workflows throughout the patient journey and identify pain points and unmet needs in the use of disposable patient monitoring devices.

Our Approach:

This study was conducted in the US and consisted of 2 phases of qualitative interviews.

The IDR team initially worked with the client to refine the objectives of the project, define the scope, and agree a statement of work. Following a kick off meeting and a series of interviews with the project stakeholders, IDR developed discussion guides and research materials for the 1st phase of research.

This included 90-minute, face to face interviews with 23 registered nurses and nurse managers across the US.  On completion of this phase, a report was delivered to the client mapping the workflows throughout the patient journey and hypothesis regarding potential pain points and unmet needs.

The second phase of research included 40-minute web conference interviews with a wider sample of customer stakeholders which included: nurses, nurse managers, biomedical engineers and hospital purchasing managers.  Respondents were required to complete an online survey prior to the interview.  Data from the online survey was used during the discussion and to ensure the moderators had a clear understanding of the workflows, as they related to each respondents organisation.

The Results and Impact:

Project outputs were provided in a detailed report and delivered as a presentation and follow up workshops.

Outputs identified a prioritised list of unmet needs though-out the patient journey and recommendations on potential solutions that could address these needs, drive efficiencies in patient care and deliver value to the various customer stakeholders.

The research was used to direct R&D strategy relating to product development and explore new service concepts that would differentiate our clients offering and drive share.